Water damage is the number one enemy of any RV. Water damage is caused by a damaged leaking roof, improper seam seals and neglect. The RV roof should be inspected at least once a year, especially in areas where the temperatures are high and the sun is direct. This can cause cracks in seams and need to be re-caulked. If your roof is EPDM membrane, then you should only use EPDM compatible products such as lap sealant caulking’s or roof coatings. Using other product on you EPDM roof may cause a chemical imbalance and cause your roof membrane to deteriorate. Silicone should never be used on you EPDM membrane because it will not adhere properly and allowing the water to simply run under the silicone.

However, if your membrane is a Delta product, then you should only use compatible Delta products on your roof. NEVER use the cheap roof sealant that you can purchase at the hardware stores on your EPDM or Delta roof membrane. This may cause deterioration to your roof membrane due to chemical imbalance.

These are only a few reasons why you should use a Certified RV Technician like the RV PRO to care for you RV.

Typical water damage on the roof

Yearly roof inspection is vital to the life of your RV and will save you thousands of dollars in the long run. When the membrane begins to age, it will develop small micro-fracture cracks in the membrane material and will often start to turn black. This will allow water to seep into and under the membrane. Once the water is under the membrane there is no air to allow it to dry and the only place it can go is into the wood decking on the roof. This decking is normally made of particle board or wafer board. Once this decking gets wet it will begin to swell and rot causing weakness in the roof. When these micro-fractures occur the membrane must be replaced or coated to prevent any more damage. However, replacing the membrane can be very costly running up to $125 per linear foot. Putting the proper roof coating is a much less expensive way to repair the roof, saving you thousands of dollars and is just as good as a new membrane. The RV Pro has done many roof coating jobs and uses only the best of the line in top quality rubber roofing.

The RV Pro also does all interior remodeling including replacing rotten and damaged floors, roofs, walls and ceilings. He also inspects all damaged floor joist, wall studs and ceiling rafters in making sure there is no rot or mold.