Furnace Maintenance
Maintain your furnace yearly
Water Heater Maintenance
Drain and clean your water heater once a year
Air Conditioner Maintenance
Clean out your AC coils once a year
Roof Maintenance
Wash and clean you roof at least once a month
Battery MaintenanceMaintain your batteries by checking the water level.

The most important thing in prolonging the life of your RV is proper maintenance.

     Proper Roof Maintenance


Proper Roof maintenance is probably the most important step in prolonging the life of your RV. If your roof creates a leak from a rip, tear, falling limb or just getting too old' water can get under the lining and cause the decking to start to rot. If the water travels down the walls, it can cause the walls to rot out. Also it the water reaches the floor it may cause the floor to rot out. This can cause thousands of dollars in repair. Simply cleaning your roof and inspecting all the caulking joints will certainly save you money and the life of your RV.

The RV Pro inspects and repairs all your roof needs.

     Water Heater Maintenance

Proper Water Heater maintenance is vital to the life of the water heater tank. Without your knowledge many RV parks can have hard water. Which means there can be a lot of calcium in the water? Over time this calcium can build up in the bottom of your tank and can cause the heating element to burn out or cause leaks in the tank. Therefore your water heater should be drained at least once a year. Before you drain all the water out of if, make sure that the electricity is turned off to your heater. If your heater switch is on and the tank is empty, this also will cause the heating element to burn out. The anode rod must also be inspected. This is on the inside of plug at the bottom of the tank. The anode rod is also called the sacrifice rod, because the calcium attaches to the anode rod instead of the inside of the tank. Therefore prolonging the life of your tank.

The RV Pro can clean and properly maintain all your water heater needs.

   Air Conditioner Maintenance
Your Roof top air conditioner should be maintained at least once a year. This would include all coil vents to be cleaned from dirt, dust, pollen, and seedling such as cottonwood seeds. This would allow your air conditioner to breath air much easier allowing the unit to cool much better.
        Furnace Maintenance
Your furnace should also be checked and cleaned at least once a year. Dirt dobber wasp are common in building their nest inside the fire flue causing the draft to become clogged and preventing the furnace from working properly. The RV Pro can handle all your furnace needs.